Singtel Prepaid hi!App
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hi!App is the go-to place for all your Singtel Prepaid needs, anytime anywhere with no data charges! It is designed with you in mind - seamless interface for easier navigation, fuss-free management of your account, and more of the rewards you love!

hi!App empowers you to:
- Check your Singtel Prepaid account balance
- Top up, Buy Data Plans, Purchase Add-Ons, IDD, Roaming and more
- Sign up for Monthly Plans
- Surprise your friends and family by topping up for them (both local and overseas)
- Extend the expiry of your SIM with one click
- Get the best promotions and offers
- Play and win at hi!Carnival
- Collect coins and be rewarded

Last but not least, hi!App supports English, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesian, Burmese, Tamil and Bengali languages.